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Breaking down the thin virtual interface between places. street view 1 from judith brocklehurst on Vimeo.

folding time

Live Studio – Folding Cutting

Cutting through time from judith brocklehurst on Vimeo.


Live Studio – Restaging Recasting

reconstructing place from judith brocklehurst on Vimeo.


Great Ormond Street -visiting artist


Live Studio – reconstruction

reconstructing an image from judith brocklehurst on Vimeo. reconstructing place from judith brocklehurst on Vimeo.


Trolleys etc.


Laboratory of Works


Ideas For Experiments 15-16

Working With Rachael Champion exploring Raw Materials with Rhyl and Edith Neville Primary Schools, we gradually built up understanding of where materials such as clay plaster came from.  We ended the year carrying out experiments with materials we can’t see Gas and Words. All workshops related to the current shows at Camden Arts Centre.


Modern Art Oxford – Guides

Activity Guides for Schools and Families, designed as away for families and schools to engage with the exhibition in different ways. The Red and Blue guides were designed to be used with the constantly evolving series go Kaleidoscope exhibitions in 2016. Guides were co-desighned with Georgie Manly. To download please visit RED GUIDE     […]


Tate Common Projects -comission

Common Projects commission, Tate teachers commission to create a gift for each participant on the project, after a year long collaboration developing ‘an ongoing dialogue around art and education, where multiple voices, ideas and approaches are held in one room.’ The gift was an envelope with suggestions of what could be done with the printed […]

set build 2

Set Building / Basement TV – Modern Art Oxford

brick dance from judith brocklehurst on Vimeo.   Set Building workshop at Modern Art Oxford in collaboration with Georgie Manly. which culminated in a performance during the Basement TV live webacast, where  sections of the set were moved as the evening of talks films and live music unrolled.

tate traces walk

What’s left behind? Tate course.

This course at Tate Modern looked at how different places make us move, feel and behave. Through a series of activities and discussions in the Making Traces gallery and a city walk, we examined the evidence left behind by our movements: art works, paths, maps, photographs, as a way to explore personal, political and social interactions. Together we questioned […]