Tate Common Projects -comission

Common Projects commission, Tate teachers commission to create a gift for each participant on the project, after a year long collaboration developing ‘an ongoing dialogue around art and education, where multiple voices, ideas and approaches are held in one room.’ The gift was an envelope with suggestions of what could be done with the printed […]

cine 2 tate

Process as end result

Same project, same instructions, different materials, very different context. Working with Teachers on the MA at Institute of Education and a group of teachers on the Tate’s Common Projects. We constructed cinemas and filmed the process of construction. At the end we projected the film of construction in the cinemas. In Tate the group split […]



Continued professional development days for teachers working with pupils with special educational needs. At the tate the day was co-planned and led with Georgie Manly, it was workshop led , the activities provoking conversation and interaction and exchange between the participants. At Camden art Centre Georgie and  I led a workshop loosely based on the […]

project visible judith brocklehurst

project visible

Tate Modern 18-28th June 2013 project visible Tate Modern This work invites you to explore the gallery through a set of instructions and a paper bag. It was inspired by encountering the Pawel Althamer work FGF, Warsaw at Tate Modern with young people in my workshops, I began using the everyday object of the brown paper bag […]

tate protest


Workshops for schools and teachers at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. Inflatable drawings inspired by Art Povera. Changed nody shapes to capture the projection in Lis Rhodes tanks installation. Tiny time capsules in the project space exhibition Ruins in Reverse. Protests against The Chapman family collection.