folding time

Live Studio – Folding Cutting

Cutting through time from judith brocklehurst on Vimeo.


Exploring the built environment

A short theory course at Camden aArts Centre, taking Simon Martin’s UR feeling as a starting point to explore ideas around place, cities, control, memory and history. over the three weeks we built up a record of our conversation in the form of a Prezi..

patchwork close up

Making Things – Institute of Education

  Exhibition of practice based PhD research at the In the Art and Design and Museology. Co-organised with Annie Davey, Sean Curran and Alan Cussack.

stereoscope instagram

The Cabinet of Curiosity, Petrie Museum.

The cabinet echoes but reverses the early museum phenomenon of the cabinet of curiosities. It was a mix of collected objects designed to inspire awe and wonder in the natural or ‘foreign world’. A step up form the individual cabinet were places such as the Egyptian Hall, on Piccadilly. A whole building modelled on Egyptian […]


We forgot the Lot – Tate Modern

The Trolly Remembers an intervention at Tate Modern as part of there Tourettes Hero event. Made in collaboration with jenny Moore and anyone who wanted to get involved through out the day. trolley picked up influences from the art work it visited during the day. Becoming a massive rolling documentary of different visitors memories.   […]

real things

live studio

Stop frame animated film of the ‘real’ object so that it is sandwiched between to virtual representations of the same object. Photographs of objects from a collection projected alongside side a selected group. A small cctv collage sculpture with youtube and pathe news film montage projected onto it. The projection reflecting off the photographic paper. […]


ICA the future of theory in the art school

  Words are expected was a paper given at a seminar addressing the future of theory in the Art School. I find the ioe a strange place, a brutalist modern building housing identikit seminar rooms. My place within this is in the incongruous small art, design and museology department on the 8th floor. Which offers […]


discarded view-research

Rubbish found in Parliament Square , turned into pinhole cameras, the plan to capture the squares discarded views.



Different strands of practice coming together to investigate the pedagogic potential of Parliament Square. Churchill’s voice plays through a 1940′s newspaper. Materials are explored collaged, digital becomes analogue distorted and simplified.