What’s left behind? Tate course.

tate traces walk

This course at Tate Modern looked at how different places make us move, feel and behave. Through a series of activities and discussions in the Making Traces gallery and a city walk, we examined the evidence left behind by our movements: art works, paths, maps, photographs, as a way to explore personal, political and social interactions. Together we questioned whether we change places by the way behave in them and how we represent them. Over five weeks we examined the relationship between the privacy of personal home or studio and the social public realm of the gallery or city.

Find out more about the course here.

Follow the progress of our discussion online by looking here.r horn 3

Mapping how are experience of the work in the gallery changed as we discussed and explored it.

what's left behind

Creating a screen for Gordon Matta-Clarke’s Conical Intersect.


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