Ideas for experiments is a project conceived by Artist Victoria Turnbull and Education officer Grey Vass at Camden Art Centre.

In summer 2013 …Deconstructing a book to find out how it was made felt wrong (especially as it was Plato) but by the end we had reconstructed new books . Making paper, inks from found garden matter and final adding gold leaf and embossing to our covers. Great conversations in the Dieter Roth exhibition, discussing diaries rubbish and how we can document our days.

ideas book
ideas for experiments

In academic year 2013-14 opposites became the idea we experimented with. Up and down,  seen and unseen and beginning and end, were used to examine gravity, light and patterns.

Concepts of up and down was a way of investigating air pressure and gravity.  We built barometers and  paper sculptures from the top down, made inflatable plastic bag sculptures that moved things up and were very strong.

ieas inflate

inflate ideas

Seen and unseen saw us making 3d glasses investigating illusions and making ultra violet drawings of things we cant see.


Weaving and spinning our own thread was the starting point to investigate patterns as a way of understanding beginning and ends. We found out pretty quickly that patterns don’t have them. We then made the link between patterns we were weaving with computer coding. We made sculptures following an ever repeating pattern o11o11o11o11, 1= stick and 0=cut each had 30 seconds allocated. these coded sculptures were made in 10 minutes.

ideas cut stick




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