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Representational cycles

Wreckage, 2020 Working through cycles of ideas. Materials suggest actions that make them into objects Objects suggest actions. Objects become images. Representing materials and actions. Structure versus Surface, 2020 Instructions for Movements, 2020 Impossible  plausible Contexts, 2020  


cement broadcasts

amorphous crash


Large scale experimentation as part of my family artist in residency at Camden Arts Centre.


Phd: Restaging Place

Practice as research work that informed my PhD. Restaging place; Performativity and the camera, Parliament Square restaged through social media photography. Currently constructing a site which will incorporate the practice aspect of the Phd with some of the writing. ‘Black Mirror’ 2017 ‘Analogue Holes’ 2018 Breaking down the thin virtual interface between places. ‘Street View’ […]



Sound workshops at the British Library Galleries British Library Great Ormond Street Hospital Schools  


Guides and resources

Modern Art Oxford Activity Guides for Schools and Families, designed as away for families and schools to engage with the exhibition in different ways. The Red and Blue guides were designed to be used with the constantly evolving series go Kaleidoscope exhibitions in 2016. Guides were co-desighned with Georgie Manly. To download please visit RED […]

basement tv the set

Selected exhibitions, projects, performances

  Making Things, PhD work in progress, UCL, 2015 Brick Dance, collaboration with Georgie Manly at Modern Art Oxford. 2015 The Set: Basement TV, Modern Art Oxford, 2015 Common Projects, Tate commission, 2014 Tate teachers commission to create a gift for each participant on the project, after a year long collaboration developing ‘an ongoing dialogue around art […]


trolleys, speakers, furniture etc.

Donations Box: Camden Arts Centre Trolleys: Great Ormond Street               Tudorish loud speakers: Sutton House             Trolleys: Open Barbers        Cabinet of Curiosity: Petrie Museum more here on the cabinet.  


Studio works

reconstructing an image from judith brocklehurst on Vimeo. reconstructing place from judith brocklehurst on Vimeo.



Continued professional development days for teachers working with pupils with special educational needs. At the tate the day was co-planned and led with Georgie Manly, it was workshop led , the activities provoking conversation and interaction and exchange between the participants. At Camden Art Centre Georgie and  I led a workshop loosely based on the […]

tate traces walk

Adult courses and HE teaching.

What’s left behind? tracing presence and absence from the studio to the city. Tate Modern This course at Tate Modern looked at how different places make us move, feel and behave. Through a series of activities and discussions in the Making Traces gallery and a city walk, we examined the evidence left behind by our movements: art works, […]


Cinema building: Process as end result

Same project, same instructions, different materials, very different context. Working with Teachers on the MA at Institute of Education and a group of teachers on the Tate’s Common Projects. At Middlesex University with first year fine Artist students and with sixth formers at Camden Arts Centre. We constructed cinemas and filmed the process of construction. At the […]