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Memories of Another Modernism, Blackwell Companion to Modernism.

Published spring 2018

This chapter explores Art History from the perspective of the present machinations of the Art Market and the selective nature institutional memory specifically in regard to Germanys divided cultural heritage. Writing has become an important part of my practice, I think it’s very important for students to be able to examine history and theory in regard to their own work and it’s position in the world.

Restaging Place: Performativity and the camera Parliament Square recast through social media photography. 

International Photography and Theory Conference Cyprus 2016

This presentation will draw my PhD practice and research together in the form of a film and formally delivered paper. The two parts will interweave with each other and explore not only the research that I have been doing into dominated urban spaces through social media photography but also the complexities of pursuing this through visual and written forms. I will be disseminating this research back out through social media. These areas of research and display, could be of interest to many students.

The Day Job International Museums Futures conference 

Taipei 2014

This paper explored my experience of working as an artist in residence at Tate within the Schools and Teachers programme. Specifically looking at what happens when you reverse the normal flow of an artwork from studio to gallery and make work or performances in the galleries. This is an aspect that students might find interesting not only in there own work but also in thinking about where their work might lead them when they leave college.

Words are Expected Future of theory in the Art School.

ICA 2014

This presentation investigated the benefits and difficulties of combining practice with theoretical inquiry. Looking at the perils of illustrating ideas or writing about relevant work already made as compared with the benefits of process as a way of developing knowledge.

Google Tours an Algorithmic guide to Parliament Square. Museums in the 21st Century.

Institute of Education, London 2013

This presentation took the form of a performative lecture. I led the audience on a guided virtual tour of Parliament Square through a Google search engine. Gradually populating the desk with items that anchored the tour in the reality of the conference. Working in this way in a social sciences institution is not something I expected to do when studying sculpture, the broadening out that I have experienced in my own career as an artist has given me many opportunities to develop my practice in new ways and to different audiences.





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