My practice is mutable. It changes to interact with the social circumstance I find myself in. I often takes my lead from the place or situation in which the work is made, who I am making work with, where it will be seen and what materials are used.

The unwritten rules that the site and materials and processes suggest are used set parameters in which something unforeseen might happen. Working in different situations such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, the British Library, with schools and community groups in galleries and higher education, has led to an array of sculptural, working methods which explore areas of interest such as sound, rhythm, place, collaboration. My practice centres on the performative aspect of making rather than the pursuit of an end result.

I have recently completed a practice-related PhD at UCL. As part of this research into contested public urban and virtual places I presented papers at conferences in Taiwan and Cyprus and have written a chapter for ‘The companion to Modern Art’.

I studied sculpture at Norwich School of Art and HfbK Dresden. Prior to the PhD I completed an MA at the Institute of Education London in Museums and Galleries in Education.

Paper given at Museums futures conference IoE

Paper given at Museums futures conference IoE




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